CP00821 Investing agricultural & sideline products processing

CP00813 Breeding of 10,000 goats

CP00812 Construction of 5000 Mu green "Runyang" Yanhzhou Sanshui pear base

CP00811 The construction of the man-made board factory

CP00810 Factory of processing edible fungus

CP00809 Planting base of fashion seedling, trees and flowers

CP00808 To process 3,000,000 chooks for chicken per year

CP00807 Ecological tourism for sightseeing and holiday arena

CP00806 The ecological holiday tour arena of East Lake

CP00805 The construction of agricultural ecological park

CP00804 Comprehensive processing of aquatic products

CP00803 Take good use of the forest advantage to develop forest resources comprehensively

CP00802  Project of Dredging the Caishi and Cihu Rivers

CP00801  "Double low" rape seed development and comprehensive use

CP00800 The development and production of Dongzhi's tinned beverage of pure black tea

CP00799 An integrated project of forest and paper

CP00798 Project of "caishiji" bean curd and its serial products

CP00797 Cows Raising and Dairy Products Processing

CP00796 Project of high-quality pigs production and processing factory

CP00794 Project of deep processing 20,000t/a of meat products

CP00793 Local Chicken's industrialization

CP00792 Project of top quality nutritional rice

CP00791 Project of comprehensive exploitation and construction of alpine vegetables

CP00790 Comprehensive development of Tongpu fishery

CP00789 Industrialization project of Qiupu Fish

CP00788 Construction project of flowers and plants base

CP00787 Project of the standard scale raising of the 150,000 Sanyuan hybridized pigs

CP00745 Assembly line of vegetable deepfreeze

CP00744 The packing and selling of hairy crab

CP00743  Special aquatic seeds breeding and constructing the cultivating and processing production base

CP00741 Wood trading market

CP00740 Milch Cow breeding and dairy products processing

CP00739 Processing and distribution of dietary cure vegetable—arrowhead

CP00678 The investment and cooperation of planting 10,000 Mu mulberries

CP00677 Breed 4,000,000 flesh ducks per year

CP00673 A hogpen with 10,000 pigs

CP00672 10,000 Mu for breeding the Chinese mitten crabs with nets

CP00729 Expanding of rare animal breeding farm

CP00728 The Comprehensive Development and Utilization of the Kudzu Root of Kudzd Vine

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