INQ00346AL  100 million USD for real estate purchasing

CP00818 Land required for factory setting up

CP00817 Dongguan toys & garment factories relocation demanding appropriate sites

CP00816 Investing scenic spots development

CP00815 Investing the unfinished buildings and hotels reconstruction being short of capital

CP00814 Investing real estate with potential of high ROI

CP00786 An integration project of wood and paper producing 700,000t/a of chemical wood pulp and forest of 340,000 hectares

CP00785 Resorts Reconstruction and Expansion

CP00784 Project of the recreation holiday resort in the East Lake Park

CP00783 Buddhism Cultural Display Park

CP00782 Qishan---Pingtian Lake Tourism and Vacation Zone

CP00781 The Development and Protection project of the Lion Peak

CP00780 Development Project of Tourism Area

CP00779 Construction project of ancient city

CP00778 Project of integrative exploitation of lake scenic spot

CP00709 Fuchang Industrial Park (FIP)

CP00708 Nizhou Port Area Second Phase Project

CP00707 Airport

CP00706 Wutai Canal Project

CP00705 Wuhu-Ma'anshan-Nanjing Light Railway Transportation Project

CP00704 Chizhou Section of Yinhui-Shitai-Qimen Expressway

CP00703 Chizhou section of the expressway from Dongzhi to Jiujiang

CP00702 Highway Bridge over the Yangtze River

CP00701 Project of Expressway

CP00700 Highway bridge over the Yangtze River

CP00699 Nuclear Power Station

CP00698 Project of the transfer of the management right of the Olympic Park

CP00697 Project of the combination of the three industries at the project district in Mechanical Industry Development Zone

CP00696 Construction Project of Museum

CP00695 Great Theatre

CP00694 Project of International Automobile Square

CP00693 Project of the cultural and educational garden of the Luofu Lake

CP00692 Project of comprehensive development of Binjiang Economic Belt

CP00691 Project of the Trade and Commerce Avenue

CP00690 Project of reconstruction of Jihe Business Mansion

CP00689 Relocation and Construction of No.1 High School

CP00688 Project of the rolling exploitation of the land along the Longfang Road

CP00687 College of Industry Commerce Technology

CP00686 Project of an institute in the East District

CP00685 Project of Century Square

CP00684 Jiuhua Mt. Hotel International

CP00683 A development project of the comprehensive building of the Hotel Co., Ltd.

CP00682 A comprehensive project of commerce and inhabitation at West Tianmenshan Road

CP00681 The project of a large-sized supermarket in the development zone

CP00680 Tian Di Yi Wan Duo Shopping Mall (China Logistics Physical Distribution and Trade Center to Africa)

CP00679 The Property Rights Transfer Project Of Wuhu Guoxin Hotel

CP00676 City-Construction Of Travel Resorts

CP00671 The construction of the scenic spot

CP00670 Comprehensive Development Of Scenic Spot

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