BTC is a business solution provider who with our expertise and alliances offers a one-stop-service, enabling your business an unlimited access to explore and establish in the Chinese market. From your first step into China, assisting in your venture, to long-term development and continue success.

The various services provided by BTC work with each other in most of the projects to ensure our services achieve the maximum benefit for our client, our future partner. We attain optimal results not only through our in-depth understanding of the specific industry but also our broad perspectives of the business environment. For example, when working on the marketing of a product in China, we also consider the intellectual property protection, logistics and taxation matters.

Our services cover, but no limited to, the following items:

Corporate Services


Good beginning is a job half done. Wise decisions made at the establishment of your company will expedite your success.

How to get the most favorable treatment on taxation and trading environment? How to reduce the transportation cost and overhead by locating in the right place? How to choose the most suitable form of business to realize the orientation and development of the company in an effective manner? BTC will solve all these problems for you with years of business experiences.

● Representative office:
an entity involved in business activities, which do not result in direct profits being made by the office. The foreign enterprise applying for the Reprehensive Office must be legally registered in its country of origin for at least 12 months.

● Limited company without VAT Invoice Issuing:
An entity involved in business activities which result in direct profit being made by the company. However, it can only issue general invoice of 6% tax, not VAT invoice of 17%.

● Limited company issues VAT invoice:
An entity involved in business activities which result in direct profit being made by the company and it is entitled to issue VAT invoice of 17%.

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