BTC is a business solution provider who with our expertise and alliances offers a one-stop-service, enabling your business an unlimited access to explore and establish in the Chinese market. From your first step into China, assisting in your venture, to long-term development and continue success.

The various services provided by BTC work with each other in most of the projects to ensure our services achieve the maximum benefit for our client, our future partner. We attain optimal results not only through our in-depth understanding of the specific industry but also our broad perspectives of the business environment. For example, when working on the marketing of a product in China, we also consider the intellectual property protection, logistics and taxation matters.

Our services cover, but not limited to, the following items:

Intellectual Property Protection Services

As greater and greater added value comes from patent, knowledge and brand influence, intellectual property rights become a critical competitive edge in establishing a leading position in the global marketplace.

Well protected intellectual property is the primary condition to stand fast in China, the largest manufacture base now and the largest consuming market in near future. Intellectual property is indeed the very first step of your global expansion.

On the other hand, lack of or inadequate intellectual property protection is a disaster which will enable marketing of forgeries and bury your products.

BTC is providing you our services of Intellectual Property Protection ranging from patent and trademark sub-
mission and follow-up to legal actions against forgeries with our legal team.

● Patent

Category of patents in China:
Patent for Invention
Patent for Utility Model
Patent for design

Examination procedures:
(1) Invention: acceptance, preliminary examination, publication, substantive examination and grant.
(2) Utility model and design: acceptance, preliminary examination and grant. No earlier publication or substantive examination.

Term of Patent Right
The duration of patent right for invention is twenty years and the duration of patent right for utility models or for designs is ten years, counted from the date of filing.

Unpatentable Subject Matter
According to Article 25 of the Chinese Patent Law, for any of the following, no patent right shall be granted:
◇ Scientific discoveries;
◇ Rules and methods for mental activities;
◇ Methods for the diagnosis or for the treatment of diseases;
◇ Animal and plant varieties;
◇ Substances obtained by means of nuclear transformation

● Trademark

Term of trademark:
10 years

Term of renewal:
10 years

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