Project WIN-X Airlines

Project Winx can be classified as a standard project for passenger and baggage transportation, conforming to the generally applicable conditions of air transport, given its global reach.

The differentiation of airline projects is defined by the type of their operational activity to:

A. Passenger air transport

B. Air cargo

C. Private air transport (jets)

These types of activities correspond to different aircraft types in terms of their intended use.

Winx classifies into category A.

In the case of airlines classified under category A, the differentiation is determined by their focus on specific passenger groups and the level and type of services provided during transportation. As a result, passengers are divided into classes based on the level of service they receive:

a. Economy class (Economy Plus)

b. Premium Economy

c. Business class

d. First Class Category

A airlines can be further classified into two primary groups based on the redistribution of passengers into classes a through d:

1. Low-Cost Airlines (LCCs) providing "a" class services

2. Traditional Airlines (FSCs) providing "a," "b," "c," and "d" class services

The primary aspect of creating a feeling of comfort is the reasonable price of flights and flight-related services.

Another critical aspect of creating a sense of comfort for passengers is to provide a range of convenient and easy-to-understand choices for flights and related services. These options can include transportation to the airport, services offered at the airport, services provided on board the aircraft, and transportation to the final destination based on the purpose of the journey.

All aspects mentioned above are specified in simplified form in the presentation.

Compared to railway or water transportation, air transportation is a highly specialized field that demands strict adherence to globally established regulations. The vast scope of this industry extends to the entire global airspace and encompasses precisely defined zones around airports, as well as dedicated portions of the atmosphere designated for civil and cargo air transportation.

Based on the preceding paragraph, the Winx aviation transportation concept cannot be considered less or more demanding in terms of financing.

Winx is ready to enter into negotiations on the project's financing provided that there is a non-binding confirmation of interest from a potential financial partner in participating in the project. This will be expressed through the issuance of standard documents in sequence with the aim of concluding the relevant contracts.


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