BTC is a business solution provider who with our expertise and alliances offers a one-stop-service, enabling your business an unlimited access to explore and establish in the Chinese market. From your first step into China, assisting in your venture, to long-term development and continue success.

The various services provided by BTC work with each other in most of the projects to ensure our services achieve the maximum benefit for our client, our future partner. We attain optimal results not only through our in-depth understanding of the specific industry but also our broad perspectives of the business environment. For example, when working on the marketing of a product in China, we also consider the intellectual property protection, logistics and taxation matters.

Our services cover, but no limited to, the following items:

Consulting Services

We believe that "THINK LOCAL and ACT GLOBAL" is the key to success. In-depth knowledge and broad understanding of the local culture, custom, economy climate, laws and policies are a must to enter into a new market. Furthermore, great success is achieved only by maneuvers skillfully in diverse circumstances with a world vision. BTC's local experts and western consultants with their decades of business experience in Southeast Asia are ready and able to assist you in strategy making process.

● Legal Consulting


An in-depth understanding of Chinese law is a must to conduct business in China. Our lawyers specialize in all aspects of Chinese Law, such as Corporate Law, Contract Law etc. as well as Hong Kong Law and international business law.

● Strategy Consulting


BTC offers a comprehensive package of consulting services ranging from factory location, company formation to operation and business orientation.We capitalize on the diversified business experiences of our consultants who have extensive knowledge of law, taxation and policies.

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