CP00820 Seeking for garment processing factory for OEM

CP00819 Looking for appropriate Location to establish two cement factories with annual output of 1500.000T-2000.000T

CP00795 Project of producing craft paper cardboard

CP00777 Development of Intelligent toys

CP00776 Project of the interior whorl copper pipe with an annual production of 20,000 tons

CP00775 Project of an automatic production line for the intelligent high/low voltage complete sets of the electric equipment

CP00774 Project for Ship building base

CP00773 Project of a production line of superfine and lightweight calcium carbonate

CP00772  Deep processing of the dolomite

CP00771 The electric dreg founding composite roll

CP00770 Alloy plate of lanthanon zinc aluminium magnesium used for Weaving fishing net

CP00769 Product series equipped with tombarthite multi-components alloy as a platelayer used in high and ultrahigh voltage electrical circuits

CP00768 Project of power metallurgy products

CP00767 The second stage of the project of steel construction of Iron and Steel limited liability Company

CP00766 Deep processing project of line material products

CP00765 Production project of large-scale cold curved section steel

CP00764 Project of producing copper band

CP00763 Project of producing technological transformed Copper pipe

CP00762 The second stage of the cast-iron pipe extension project

CP00761 Natural Beverage Production

CP00760 Producing High-grade Flax Materials Arrangement Production Line Later Spinning And Weaving, Printing And Dyeing

CP00759 Project of the ZG series of the automatic controller of the door and window

CP00758 Project to produce the top-grade coating for house decoration

CP00757 The Technological Reform and Constructional Expansion for Producing Nitric Acid and the Development and Comprehensive Utilization of Heat Energy

CP00756 Project of PVC raw materials

CP00755 Producing Organic Silicon and the Downstream Production

CP00754 Development of the high-speed heavy-duty gears

CP00753 The energy-efficient new-type large inclination transportation system and complete sets industrialization

CP00752 Industrialization of YB series of the Nitrogen Demolition hydraulic pressure breaker

CP00749 Annual production of 360 numerical control machine tools and 30 thousand tons resin sand castings

CP00742 Down products and production line of garments exportation

CP00722 Project of a production line of 1 million three-way catalysis purifiers of the auto exhaust gas

CP00721 Nanometer Zinc Production

CP00720 Fire-proofing Materials Combined with New High-quality

CP00719 Industrialization Demonstration Project of NDFeb Permanent Magnetic Material

CP00718 The industrialization project of the ball-shape light porous biofilter

CP00717 A production base for high performance permanent magnet and soft magnet ferrite magnetic materials

CP00716 Project of a new-type of fire-proofing nanometer material

CP00715 Project of upgrading and transforming the production technology of the digital control machine tool mechanical goods

CP00714 Project of comprehensive protective devices of the intelligent power supply and distribution by the microcomputer

CP00713 Industrialization project of hi-tech cooperation of provincial high schools

CP00712 Chip Production

CP00711 The supervision system industrialization of RPDCS pollution source

CP00710 A production line of polymer lithium battery

CP00675 Nanometer Zinc Production

CP00674 Refractory High-level Sialon Materials

CP00668 Wuhu lnner-grooved Copper Tube Manufacturing


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