CP00730 The cooperation and construction on Pharmacy



1.Project Name

The cooperation and construction on Pharmacy

2. Project Background
The factory locates at the biology pharmacy technology park of Wuhu economic technology development zone and covers 52,000sq.m.

They have: compound salvia tablets, huanglian shangqing tablets, sugar-free spleen harmonizing grain, sugar-free throat clearing grain, yinhuang soft capsule, ganshu capsule, tea flavones, etc. The varieties in R&D stage are: anticancer capsule, guizhi fuling soft capsule, jianyang soft capsule, etc.

3. Content and Scale of Construction
Introduce foreign advanced management technology and pharmacy varieties into China and to develop Shanghai Rosant Wuhu Pharmacy

4. Investment Estimation and Benefit Analysis
Totally invest 80 million and 35 million had been invested on it. The first stage project covers 24000 sq.m and the construction area is 12000 sq.m.

5. Project Status
They have GMP workshop, including pre-process workshop for traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, manufacturing workshop for pressing soft capsule, manufacturing workshop for solid preparation, quality control center, sewage disposal center, and storage and also has the capability to produce traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, tablets, granules, capsules and soft capsules, etc.

6. Method of Cooperation
Share ownership, joint venture or cooperation

7. Contact Method
Anyone who has the information meets the inquiry is welcome to contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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