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As an ethnic Chinese born in Hong Kong during the British colonial era, I have lived and worked in an environment requiring cross-cultural understanding. Bridging both East and West, across multiple industries and market segments, and travelling to Europe, N. America, and all over Asia, I have built our firm's reputation for versatility, strong strategic planning capabilities and skill for "getting things done well" across cultures and geographies.

For over 20 years, I owned and grew a successful, international mercantile business in Asia and Europe. I monitored China's rapid growth into the world's pre-eminent production and consumer market. I became aware of the need for an international platform to bridge East and West. In 2001, with the establishment of an international consulting company named Bridge to China (BTC), that need was met. The cornerstone to this platform is my extensive alliance network within the people's Republic of China, Canada and the USA, and several European countries. BTC's vision is to grow and strengthen partnerships and alliances globally -- leveraging them while extracting highest value from Chinese infrastructure and relationships.

If one wants to establish an overseas business entity and excel against one's competitors, one cannot simply open a China branch or representative office, nor can one rely on the advice of as single consultant. The BTC consultancy will assist you with the complexities of opening a successful foreign subsidiary and connect you with mutually-benefitting partners. Our mission is:


To help foreign and local Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) explore opportunities in overseas markets.
- To provide our clients superior consulting services by employing exemplary professionals with expertise in law, taxation, banking, auditing and recruitment.
- To help our clients initiate, enhance and customize their area operations while capitalizing on our local expertise and cross-cultural awareness.
- To build bridges for our clients and expedite growth in their international operations.
- To take advantage of Chinese manufacturing, logistics and distribution expertise, consumer markets and financial resources.

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