I describe myself as a trustworthy, critical and honest person. In addition, I am eager to learn, I think analytically and problem-solving. I'm a good listener and I like to work in teams. I'm a good negotiator with a win-win thought in the basics. As an interlocutor always focused on the wishes of the other person. In almost all situations I see possibilities and ideas arise that I may like to present to the entire organization.


Work experiences

June 2008 – present

Working as an independent entrepreneur / manager See also

During this period several own activities set up and various interim (management) positions fulfilled.

 Interim COO operational director at Willemsen Interieurbouw      June 2017     June 2019
 Director / shareholder Scope Interieurbouw     June 2016    June 2017
 DGA Crealed. Delivery of self-developed illuminated canvas panels    January 2015    present
 Supplier S.I.S Dyson Europa    May 2013    April 2016
 Purchasing in China for various clients    June 2012    June 2016
 Interim manager Reklet van Oeveren Interieurbouw     January 2012    April 2016
 Owner consultancy for retail chains and interior construction     January 2012    present
 Interim managing director Reklet Group    November 2009    January 2012
 Owner chair production Alejandro Estrada in China    July 2008     February 2010


Interim COO Willemsen Interieurbouw (250 employees)

As COO responsible for internal organization with 250 employees.

During this period MT set up and made fully integrated planning for production departments and work preparation. In addition, I have structured purchasing and improved the company culture.

Scope Interior Construction

As the only director together with owner of Willemsen Interieurbouw started a new interior construction company which after 1 year with 15 employees has been integrated into the organization Willemsen Interieurbouw where I became COO.

Crealed B.V.

Also for Dyson the thinnest light box for cloth visuals in the market will develop. Together with Creaacryl BV started for production and delivery. Of this BV I am the only director.

Supplier Shops in Shop Dyson Europe

After Dyson asked Procurama in 2013 to help develop their new S.I.S., I became a supplier to S.I.S. for Europe at their request.

For Dyson I also took care of the installations throughout Europe during this period.

Purchasing in China for various clients

For various clients I have purchased various products in China (and some other countries). At 2 Chinese purchasing offices I have given training to the buyers.

Interim manager Reklet van Oeveren Interieurbouw

After my position as general manager at the Reklet Group, the owner had asked me to continue to supervise the Interior Construction Company.

Owner consultancy for retail chains and interior construction companies

During this period I helped store formulas, retail chains and interior construction companies with purchasing, planning and overall business operations.

Interim general director Reklet Group (90 employees)

For Reklet, the core business was visual communication and interior construction and painting were important supporting activities.

Owner of chairs production in China of designs by Alejandro Estrada from Guatemala

First went to Guatemala to view production process and contractually obtain the rights.

After this, together with Belgian partner, own production started in China. I sold my stake in 2010. The designer's website is

February 2001 - August 2008

COO Operations Director Shopex Group (300 employees)

Shopex was a global decorator for all Swarovski, Swatch and Nokia stores. In addition, many stores were set up for European retail chains and brands.

Turnover was around EUR 80 million, of which 90% were exports.

At Shopex I was ultimately responsible for: Purchasing, Logistics, Project Management, Contracts with both suppliers and customers, ICT and HR.

At Shopex I won an award as COO for purchasing strategy and cooperation with suppliers. On the website of you can download the article (BOV trophy) that I was able to write for nevi magazine about partnerships with suppliers.

December 1999 – May 2001

DGA / founder purchasing firm Lithorama 48% of the shares were held by the 6 interior construction companies for which Lithorama made the central purchasing agreements. These 6 interior construction companies collectively had by far the largest purchasing volume within the interior construction market in the Netherlands.

The interior construction campanies were: Shopex, Reklet, Meubelfabriek Wageningen, Prowi, IBP and Linthorst.

August 1993 – October 1999

Head of Purchasing and Logistics UNIC Group Interior Construction (400 employees)

The UNIC Group consisted of the following interior construction companies: Lundiform, Balt van der Made, Breedveld and Boomgaards.

October 1990 - June 1993

Buyer / assortment manager / Head of Purchasing Schlecker Netherlands.

Schlecker was a German drugstore chain with 5,000 branches in Europe. In the last year I was responsible for Purchasing and Assortment Management for Schlecker Nederland (150 stores).

Although I strongly disapproved of Schlecker's purchasing policy, I learned a lot here.

September 1987 – September 1990

Head of furniture for Ikea Duiven and Groningen.

At Ikea I managed 25 employees. In addition, at IKEA Duiven I also have the business department IKEA Contract set up. Internally I have also provided many training courses for conducting performance interviews and assessment interviews. Ikea had won several awards in this area.

December 1986 – June 1987

Store manager Discount Centrum Arnhem

Day-to-day management in the furniture store and partly responsible for purchasing.

October 1985 – December 1986

Store manager Tandy Arnhem

Daily management in store with computers, HiFi equipment and electronics parts.


Financial management de Baak                    2004
 General Management de Baak                   2003
 NEVI II Purchase management                  1998
 NEVI I Purchase management                  1996
 SOKAP management                  1991
 NIMA B Marketing management                   1988
 Ikea Training  
 Performance interviews and assessment interviews                  1988
 NIMA A Marketing management                  1986
 Retail Management                   1985
 High school                  1981




Good listener

Natural leader


Team player


Good negotiator



Hobbies & Interests







Knowledge of Microsoft Office Package

A lot of knowledge and experience with creating practical and complex Excel sheets. Highly advanced planning module built in Excel which has been implemented at various production companies and construction companies.

Knowledge of ERP Systems

Conclusion assessment done in 2012 at tobe1

On a series of capability tests that chart his thinking power, Mr Overgoor performs at a higher professional level plus work and thinking. In all areas he more than equals the university standard. In other words, the results give a consistent, homogeneous picture. His analytical thinking, both numerically and verbally, is of a academic level. He is expected to solve complex of exact and verbal (described) matter. Also, abstract and logical reasoning, necessary for keeping an overview and coming to logical solutions to problems that have arisen, is of an university content.


Dutch          Good at word and writing

English       Good at word and writing

German       Good at word and writing

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